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A spannerHonest – we don’t have many problems with the NaTKiT board, but nothing in life is perfect (except maybe some Little Feat, John Prine, and Suzy Bogguss tracks).  If you are doing a new installation first work through the section INSTALLING THE NaTKiT1 in the user guide.


Remember the NaTKiT is a comparative test system.  If something changes in the measurement chain, it is accommodated.  This is fine if, for example, the change is some temperature dependency in the driver.  Not so good if the power amp has fried and nobody has noticed.

If the NaTKiT was working fine but is now failing every thing, something has changed.  You have to work out what has changed and then decide whether it matters.  If you decide it doesn't matter then have to arrange things so units pass under the new circumstances.  If you decide it does matter you have to correct the change.

Supposing the microphone goes low sensitivity.  The displayed response curve will drop.  You could just re-calibrate but maybe the level has dropped so low units fail the polarity test.  You could increase the output level for both tests and re-calibrate or you could change the mike.  The right decision is to do something about the mike.  If its sensitivity has changed it's likely to change again but to keep the line running you might adjust the tests and re-calibrate.

NOTE: If you have changed the NaTKiT board have you also remembered to change the calibration file?


This section assumes your problem is a hardware fault with the NaTKiT board or the associated amplifier and measurement chain.  The Four Rules of Engineering apply.

The Four Rules of Engineering

Rule 1  It’s always the lead.
Rule 2  Is the same as Rule 1
Rule 4  Many Engineers are enumerate.

For the more sophisticated there is a fifth rule.  Rule 5  Never turn anything on for the first time late on Friday.  It will explode and spoil your weekend.

There is a flow chart to help diagnose hardware problems.


Leads are the most likely thing to fail and the easiest to change.


Do not run NaTKiT in a DOS window under Windows.  NaTKiT will run slower and errors may occur because NaTKiT does not have guaranteed access to the PC’s resources.

If there is some problem with the PC that you suspect is the NaTKiT board try relocating the board in a different slot or re-seating it in the same slot.