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01728 723306


01728 723306


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2 Station Terrace



IP13 9EF  UK


Station Terrace

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Noosletter v1.00 (20kb) - cleans up the data file nk_prod.dbf, generated by NaTKiT1, which can become inconveniently large.  (The file nk_prod.dbf is described in Appendix B of the user guide.)   NClean checks the date of the nk_prod.dbf file and if it doesn't match the current date NClean deletes it.  NClean then runs NaTKiT1 which creates a new, empty nk_prod.dbf.

To install download, unzip and read ReadMe.txt.

Link to larger v1.00 (3kb) - facilitates backing up a NaTKiT station. contains the three batch files NBackup.bat, NCopy.bat, and NRestore.bat, and the text file ReadMe.txt.  They help to backup and restore a NaTKiT test station's DATA files.

NBackup allows you to quickly create a copy of a station or restore its data.

NCopy allows you to quickly create a copy of just a station's test sequences.

NRestore allows you to easily copy the files from the floppy to the test station installation.