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21 December - Goodmans have lost another KoTNs.  Tomorrow will be Simon Barker's last day as he is leaving for the smart card company Gemplus.  Seems like only yesterday Tony Wilson left to then return!

02 December - Won't need this again! Year 2000 Solutions for Dummies

Haywards "Tasty" Piccallili23 November- The cones aren't out yet but the Co-op has got those large jars of pickle in, so it's getting dangerously close.

07 October - If you read the credits for that wonderful film "The Commitments" you'll discover the "Avant-Garde-A Clue Band".

03 September - Almost completed loading users' cali files.  Just October and September to go.

"Why is it always me who has to dot the 'I's and cross the 'O's?"
"Cross the 'O's?"
(Sorry.  We saw the Cambridge Footlights in Bury Friday  night. )

26 June - Dob Diggins died this weekend.  He was a pleasant old boy who had lived in Station Terrace for some fifty years.  We often had a chat with him over the fence as he took a stroll up the terrace followed by his tabby cat Thomas.  May he rest in peace.

Link25 May '00 - Last Tuesday a select group from NaTCH saw Peter Green and John Mayall in Cambridge.  This has prompted us to create a Rock Links section.

18 April - There's a new page explaining more fully what the InTNaT crossover test interface does.

Extract from Choices Direct 100 Best Videos of the MillenniumThe mail order company Choices Direct have polled their customers to determine the best 100 videos of the millennium.  An interesting concept in itself as videos have been around for perhaps 2.5% of the last millennium?  His NaTCHness was proud to observe that he hadn't seen any of the top three but was encouraged by Citizen Kane at 22, Cinema Paradiso at 62 and above Seven Samurai at 79 Mapp and Lucia!  So there is intelligent life out there.

05 April - Australian IT have shut their Y2K page and the New Zealand government are about to shut theirs.  All seems so long ago, eh?

28 March '00 - What to say?  Ian Dury died yesterday aged 57.  We were so lucky to see him just before Christmas.

15 March '00 - A day late but the Y2K section has moved to the archive here.  (The government shut down their Y2K site ages ago - no doubt so they could spend the money on style consultants.)  

If you are planning to catch a bus from Ipswich Bus Station do remember that those terribly modern displays at each stand do not tell you which bus will be leaving next, but which bus may be leaving next.  Furthermore, should you enquire of a customer server about this interesting phenomenon, expect them to ignore you till they have finished what they're doing and then expect server number two, up till now having a nice chat on the phone, to interrupt server number one for a further nice chat.

09 March '00 - Sorry but we've been messing about with the web structure again.  Various NaTKiT1 things have been moved into the new sub-section Support in anticipation of NClean being available soon.

Nice to see Alan Ball, George Cohen, et al get their MBEs.  Last time we saw a wherearetheynow prog, which was certainly more than six years ago, George Cohen was being treated for cancer so particularly gratifying in his case.

You, us & the millennium bug11 February - Maplin have given us Lisa, our own Essex girl, so they can be personally offhand.  How thoughtful.

The Bank of Scotland have just sent us this useful leaflet.

10 February - If you are contemplating cross country skiing try a small country first.

26 January '00NClean screen detail - The data file "nk_prod.dbf" generated by NaTKiT1 contains production reporting info and can get inconveniently large.  If historical data is not needed then a simple fix is to delete it.  Next time  NaTKiT1 is run it will generate a new and  empty file.

To simplify the process we've written NClean which tidies up for you.  NClean is being beta tested and will soon be available in Support.

Anyone see the Top 10 One Hit Wonders on Saturday?  Arthur's still talking bollo and there were some odd choices -  Men At Work? - but Our Kid completely filled the bill, no one here had ever heard of 'em!

Link20 January '00 - Ex-Lord NaTCH boss Arthur Brown, he of the Crazy World, is on tv (Channel 4) 9pm Saturday night in a prog about one hit wonders.  We've seen a trailer and he takes his hat off, which is more than he did last time we saw him.  Ah well it happens to us all - James Taylor, Lord NaTCH, that drummer out the Hollies. :)

04 January '00 - Still no problems reported for NaTKiT.

Mordaunt-Short now has it's own page in Nostalgia with a new pic.

02 January '00 - No problems reported for NaTKiT so far.  But then we suspect nothing will really start up again till tomorrow.

12:20am 01 January '00 - We've still got power, gas, water and the 'phones so it looks pretty good here.  (A scanner has started to play up but Y2K?  Probably not.)

We will post any reported problems with NaTKiT as they occur during the next 24 hours but right now we're all going round the Station for some liquid therapy.