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19 November:

Graham HendryPotM Graham Hendry, is back at Tannoy ... apparently he didn't like foreign food:) 

 7 September: recently kindly offered that we could advertise on their site and that they now consistently get over a thousand hits a day.  This has prompted us to start publishing our stats.

Overheard leaving Aldeburgh cinema having just seen "2001".

Her: "I think that's a wonderful film."

Him: "Good ... I can't believe I missed the match for that." 

 4 August:

Do those folks in the hut at Ipswich Bus Station know that it says 'Enquiries' outside?  You'd think we'd know better after our last visit.  This time NaTCH was studiously ignored by a deeply depressed fella with a beard who thought that making a phone call was more important than dealing with a customer - though this did not prevent him from excavating his mouth with a teaspoon.  His equally miserable female colleague clearly thought having a nice chat with the drivers was more important than dealing with a customer.  Why do we put up with such rudeness in this country?

28 July:

Tragedy!  Ray Kent's, the Framlingham butcher, has closed after 26 years.  A proper butchers where your bill was written on a slip of paper to be taken to the cash window where there was a box of sweets for the kids.  It will be missed.

18 July:

The NaTKiT1 Issue DiscWe've been doing some work on the software that makes the NaTKiT1 discs.  The routine that verifies that the floppy has been correctly written is much more rigorous.  Discs made with the new software are issue VI (6)  and the floppy has a bright new white label.

Commiserations to David Millar who packed on yesterday's Alpe d'Huez stage of the Tour de France.  ITV's coverage showed how badly he hurt that leg explaining a lot.

"Should women have children after thirty?"
"No - one's quite enough."
(Pinched from 'Very Annie Mary' which you should see.  Rachel Griffiths is brilliant.)

23 June:

There are so many British actors in 'Pearl Harbor (sic)' because American actors wouldn't have turned up until the film was almost finished. :)

10 June:- 

Overheard in the London Fields Cafe, Hackney:

"You're looking beautiful today."
"Look - you come in, you say 'Good Morning', you order, you sit down and you shut up."
"No, you're really looking beautiful today."
"Now I know you're taking the piss."
"You really are looking beautiful today ... isn't she looking beautiful today?  Go on, tell her she's looking beautiful ... mind you he's only got one eye!"

29 May:

It's Goons Night on Radio 2 tonight to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

10 April:

Another PoTM at Tannoy! (see 6 April)  Simon Rae is leaving after 10 years to spend more time with the new wife and family and be a "Systems Analyst in the IT department of a relatively large haulage company".

15 February:

A new lunch club report and some new pics.Link