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13 December 2002:


20 August 2002:

Unprecedentedly (if there is such a word, the spell check doesn't think there is) next month's Lunch Club venue has been changed.

Q: What do you call a Frenchman in sandals?

A: Phillipe Phélope 

5 August 2002:


30 June 2002:

The Brundish Crown lunch club report has gained a pic.

NaTCH was on tv late last night as it's Glastonbury Festival time ... and on the subject of rock'n roll we saw Geno Washington in Ipswich Thursday.  He's still rocking unlike John Entwhistle and it is similarly regrettable that Paul Klipsch has died.

9 March 2002:

SigJenny version 0.3.x available Tuesday.  Honest.

LinkOverheard in The Station "So I said to the wife 'Do you have a vision of where you want the garden to be in four years time?  ... because then we can work together to achieve it.'"

31 January 2002:

Link to larger picCustoms and Excise have just sent us  this useful document.  Can't help thinking that rather like the Bank of Scotland they weren't.

9 January 2002:

Former GLL KoTNs Darren Williamson has turned up again.  The Decca London Ribbon Tweeter developed by Stanley KellyHe's working at the Speech and Language Therapy Research Unit, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol!

We were sorry to hear that Stanley Kelly died last month.