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LinkIf you have vague memories of being beaten with upturned walking sticks at school, or possibly the Scouts, then you've played Shinty.  "A game for those with Brave Heart and Willing Limb".

Eat My Handbag BitchOutrageously named site dealing in 50s etc furniture that often has some truly bizarre hifi under "Objects".

LinkOne of NaTCH's many irritating habits is to ask "What was the name of Hopalong Cassidy's horse?"  People always answer "Trigger"  - even though they know Trigger was Roy Rogers' horse.  (There's a very jolly midi file once you enter the site!)

LinkWe don't get  The Red Green Show in the UK.  Lord NaTCH has only seen it because his chum Ethan sent him a vid.  As his Lordship peered through the multi hued mists of an NTSC tape on long play he realised Red Green is a cross between Home Improvements and Men Behaving Badly.  To quote Red "It ain't smart but it's what humans do."  Red has also observed that cyclists should get off the road and onto the pavement/sidewalk where they belong.  "But not outside my house - that's where I park the Transit".   Nice to know that some things are so universal.

LinkElvira has a particularly, erhm, useful "Dress to Excess" page of beauty tips.  It perhaps says something about his Lordship that he was disappointed to discover that Elvira is the artificial creation of blonde actress Cassandra Peterson ... but then the bio doesn't specifically state that Ms Peterson doesn't sleep in a coffin.