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NWin v2.021  2 Jan 2004

  • All the Engineer Test windows have been merged into one.

  • The sweep on response tests is now much smoother.

  • If NWin has a problem identifying you soundboard it now makes a more useful report.

  • When asked if you want to send NaTCH a bug report, should an error occur, there are now "Don't ask me again" and  "Include Soundboard Report" check boxes.  (You can turn bug reports back on again from the Help/About window.)

  • FIXED: If the app Total Recorder is in use NWin now always uses the Total Recorder mixer.

  • FIXED: "Error 2 has occurred with ShellExecute" sometimes when opening the help file.

  • FIXED: Various problems when some webcams incorporating a mike are present.

  • FIXED: 'Subscript out of range' and other errors with NVIDIA nForce hardware.

  • FIXED: Stop encountered when saving changes to the System parameters.

  • FIXED: Missing and duplicate shortcuts.

  • FIXED: "Object doesn't support this property or method" error when pulling down the test name combi-box on the Engineer's test window.

NWin v2.020  9 Aug 2003

Engineer System window detailThere's a new, faster output calibration process that actually works this time!

When asked whether to save changes in an Engineer test window Cancel is now available as well as Yes and No.

The Engineer test windows can be accessed by double clicking on either the polarity or response test graphics in the main test screen.

When More Stuff is clicked in the main test window the name of the soundboard being used is now shown.

The About window has a checkbox so you can choose not to send bug reports and you can now email from the window.

The About window now has a EMail Soundboard Report button.

FIXED: Sometimes the engineer being asked twice whether to save changes to a test.

FIXED (at last!): In the Engineer's sweep test window clicking the 'Re-Run' button causes  a corrupted curve - rather like a fan.

FIXED: Sometimes a response test has been correctly failed but the wrong layer is shown as the reason for failure.

FIXED: Occasional multiple sweeps when calibrating a response test.

FIXED: Spurious "Save changes ..." prompts when a test is active.

FIXED: Hardware compatibility with some older laptops.

FIXED: If the user's PC has a cam with a mike there can be a multiple device problem.

FIXED: Under Windows XP the mixer data on the Info tab is incomplete.

FIXED: Error when trying to open the help file with f1.  Thanks to aborza for identifying this one.

FIXED:  NWin stopping if the user chooses to send a bug report when email is not available.

NWin v2.014   30 May 2003

NWin v2.01.2  11 April 2003

NWin v2.01.1    8 April 2003

NWin v2.00.6    8 March 2003

NWin v2.00.2    6 February 2003

NWin v2.00.0    7 January 2003

NaTKiT for Windows v1.0.0 - 24 March 2001

NaTKiT for Windows v0.90.0 - 13 March 2001

NaTKiT for Windows v0.80.14 - 24 February  2001

NaTKiT for Windows v0.80.9 - 21 February  2001

NaTKiT for Windows v0.70.7 - 22 January 2001

NaTKiT for Windows v0.60.0 - 15 December 2000

NaTKiT for Windows v0.50.1 - 28 November 2000

NaTKiT for Windows v0.50.0 - 17 November 2000

NaTKiT for Windows v0.40.3 - 5 September 2000

NaTKiT for Windows v0.31.1 - 5 June 2000

NaTKiT for Windows v0.30.8 - 31 May 2000

NaTKiT for Windows v0.22.5 - 30 May 2000

NaTKiT for Windows v0.21.0 - 29 May 2000

NaTKiT for Windows v0.20.5 - 28 May 2000