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Link to larger picThis is Goodmans circa 1987 before they moved to their shiny new factory at Ridgway.  Come to think of it how can anything 14 years old be called new?  Well His Lordship is sufficiently "mature" that he can remember taking an 18" (Axiom?) for repair at the Wembley site so that makes Ridgway seem very new.

Some of the kit here certainly looked like it might have come from Wembley.  His Lordship particularly remembers a machine for putting glue on the frame ready for the surround.  He may still have the photie ...

Link to larger pic... well he has found the pic of the frame gluing machine but mislaid it again.  So in the meantime here's a photie of the coil room around 1987.  His NaTCHness remembers it as a rather oppressive cramped space.

Link to larger pic... finally the glue machine pic has surfaced again!  A monstrous cast iron contraption - the machine that is - it applied glue for the surround to a frame assembly placed face down on its top.  The operator dipped the assembly in to the glue by pressing on a foot lever.