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The Sequence Maintenance window allows the engineer to change a test sequence's parameters.

The current sequenceA pull down list showing the current sequence.

Redundant pull down listA pull down list now redundant and removed in the next version.

The test listA list showing the tests in the sequence.

Test Up buttonUp - Moves the test selected up one place in the test list.

Test Down buttonDown - Moves the test selected     down one place in the test list.

Add test buttonAdd - Allows a new test to be added to the test list.  A window opens to all the test to be chosen.

Delete test buttonDelete - Deletes the test selected in the test list.

If the test list does not contain a response test then the only sequence parameters available are Serialise, Prompt File and Script File.

Ref Search entryRef Search (dB) - When set to a non-zero value enables reference searching.

Selection entrySelection (dB) - is a non-zero value then any passed unit, that is not identified as a possible standard, is further evaluated. The unit's averaged difference from the standard is tested to see if it is less or equal to the Selection limit. If it is, then the operator is prompted to mark the unit as Selected. The idea is to identify the units that are better than average. As a by product the selected units will be better pair matched than their brethren will.

Serialise selectionSerialise - Can be set to 'Pass' or 'None'.  If set to 'Pass' then when a unit passes the test sequence the operator is asked to enter the unit's serial number.

NWin keeps track of the last serial number entered and increments it before presenting it to the operator.  The operator can then accept it with 'OK', nudge it up or down with '+' and '-', or enter a completely new serial number.  Setting Serialise to 'Pass' can be useful even when units aren't serialised.  By marking them with the serial number presented by NaTKiT units can be identified when pair matching or identifying a typical.

Disc Log entryDisc Log - Can be set to 'Pass' or 'None'.  If set to 'Pass' stores the response test's curve on disc.  The data is in dBase format in the file 'NWin_Crv.mdb'.  Appendix C, when available, contains the specification.

Cali Time entryCali Time (d:h:m) - If a sequence's test list contains a computer decision response test then NWin periodically forces re-calibration.  Cali Time sets this period.  The range is 0 to 99 days 23 hours 59 minutes.  If set to zero there will still have to be an initial calibration but then re-calibration will not be forced by elapsed time.  Calibration could still be forced though by a relevant response test or sequence parameter change or re-calibration of the power amp.

The Prompt File entryPrompt File: - The file specification of a text file created by the Engineer.  The file would normally contain process information that NWin shows the operator before testing.

The Script File entryScript File: - The file specification of a text file created by the Engineer.  It contains instructions that tell NWin what to do when completing a test sequence for a particular model.  Information can be sent to a printer port and could be used to print calibration certificates, bar code labels, packing labels, failure reports, etc.  The script language syntax will be described in the section SCRIPT FILES.  Not available yet.

The Target File entryTarget File: - The file specification of a text data file created by the Engineer.  The engineer can specify a target/compensation curve for any response tests in the sequence.  This does not affect the pass fail decision as the difference between the reference and test unit determines this, but it does affect the shape of the curve displayed.  The data format will be described in the section Target File.  Available but not active yet.