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NaTCH Engineering  





01728 723306


01728 723306


0871 247 4524


07970 865730

2 Station Terrace



IP13 9EF  UK


Station Terrace

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Test Maintenance window detailFile - reveals

Select  Ctrl+M - Sets the focus to the test pull down list so a new test can be chosen.

New  Ctrl+N - Creates a new test.

Delete  Ctrl+D - Deletes the current test after a confirmation.

Save  Ctrl+S - Save the current test parameters.

Save  Ctrl+S - Save the current test parameters under a new test name.

Reset  Ctrl+R - Returns the current test parameters to the values when last saved.

Print  Ctrl+P - Sends the Test Maintenance window to the printer.

Run  Ctrl+U - Executes a test with the current parameters.

Exit  Ctrl+X - Closes the Test Maintenance window.

Window - reveals

NWin  Ctrl+K - Makes NWin's main test window the active window.

Sequence  Ctrl+Q - Makes the Sequence Maintenance window the active window, opening the window if need be.

System  Ctrl+Y - Makes the System Maintenance window the active window, opening the window if need be.

Close All Engineer  Ctrl+G - Closes all open Engineer windows.

Help - reveals

Help  F1 - opens the help file.

About NWin - displays the NWin version and how to contact NaTCH Engineering.

EMail Soundboard Report - Sends NaTCH a report on your soundboard.

System Info - displays information about your system.

Send bug reports - when checked the user is prompted to send NaTCH a bug report if an unrecoverable error occurs.