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Sine tests apply either a single frequency or sweep for the operator to evaluate a unit's distortion.  It can also apply a single frequency so NWin can measure the unit's output level.

Prompt text boxPrompt - The text specified is presented to the operator at the test end in the form 'Prompt (Y/N)?'.  Whether  'Y' or 'N' is a pass is set by Yes/No on the main test window.  We have found that on the whole operators are less intimidated if asked to confirm  a unit isn't a bad one rather than affirm it's a good one.  Whilst waiting for the operator's response NaTKiT will continue to apply whatever is the last tone of the test.

Measure check boxMeasure - When set only the Low (Hz) frequency and NWin, not the operator, decides pass or fail by measuring the input and applying it to the High Limit (dB) and lower limits.

High Limit (dB) text boxHigh Limit (dB) - The upper limit and can be set in the range 0 - (Low Limit (dB) + 1) dB.

Low Limit (dB) text boxLow Limit (dB) - The upper limit and can be set in the range -99 - (High Limit (dB) - 1) dB.

To help set High Limit (dB) and Low Limit (dB) when Run is clicked NWin makes and displays six measurements helping the Engineer determine if the test is stable or being affected by noise.