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Test Maintenance detailThere are three NWin test types - Sweep, Polarity and SineSweep tests apply a swept sine wave and display the unit's response along with that of the reference.  Pass or fail can be decided by NWin or the operator.  They are intended to evaluate a unit's frequency response or sometimes the operation of a test unit's equalisation.

Polarity tests apply a pulse type signal to the unit and NWin determines the polarity of the unit.

A Sine test applies either a single frequency or an engineer defined sweep.  Pass or failure can be determined either by the operator or, if a single frequency only, NWin.  An operator decision sine test is used to evaluate a unit's distortion.  A NWin decision test measures the output level of the unit and then applies it to engineer defined upper and lower limits.  It can be used to test protection for example.

A particular test doesn't have to be specific to a sequence.  Sine and Polarity tests can often be general to a test station or a group of products but it would be unwise to have a Sweep test that is used by more than one sequence.  Sweep tests are always customised to suit the unit's response and if the test is shared you will not be able envisage the effects in other sequences using the test.  Give each sequence its own sweep test.