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SigJenny v0.986 11 January 2004

  • The Log option on the Sweep tab is now available when measuring a sweep.

  • SigJenny now remembers where you left it.

  • The Info tab has gone as has the EMail Soundboard Report button on the Help/About window but Soundboard Info has appeared in the Help pulldown menu.

  • The Log option button on the Sweep tab has gained a shortcut.

  • New icon.

  • FIXED: If the app Total Recorder is in use SigJenny sometimes doesn't use the Total Recorder mixer.

  • FIXED: "Error 2 has occurred with ShellExecute" sometimes when opening the help file.

SigJenny v0.980 14 September 2003

SigJenny now measures frequency responses or you can use it a bit like an oscilloscope.

If SigJenny has a problem identifying you soundboard it now makes a more useful report.

FIXED: Various problems when some webcams incorporating a mike are present.

FIXED: 'Subscript out of range' and other errors with NVIDIA nForce hardware.

FIXED: Missing and duplicate shortcuts using our new freebie Shorty.

FIXED: SigJenny is now much more responsive to changes when running long sweeps and long period tonebursts.

FIXED: If, when auto-running a tone burst, the Arrow Down key is held down to decrement Frequency 1 (Hz) a Microsoft "audio signal generator" error may occur.

FIXED: Alt + 1 now correctly moves the focus to Frequency 1 (Hz).

FIXED: The annoying business that whilst you're adjusting the input fader the yellow plot flat lines.

FIXED: Under some circumstances the first time a tone burst is set to Noise nothing is shown or output.

SigJenny v0.973 10 September 2003

Additional information about the mixer on the Info tab, "Don't ask me again" and  "Include Soundboard Report" check boxes should an error occur plus 1 fix.

SigJenny v0.971 4 September 2003

SigJenny v0.970  2 September 2003

SigJenny v0.963  6 July 2003

SigJenny v0.956  7 June 2003

SigJenny v0.954  15 May 2003

SigJenny v0.95.3  3 April 2003

SigJenny v0.95.2  26 March 2003

SigJenny v0.95.1  17 March 2003

SigJenny v0.94.2  1 March 2003

SigJenny v0.93.1  10 February 2003

SigJenny v0.92.8  15 November 2002

SigJenny v0.92.6  21 October 2002

SigJenny v0.92.5  4 October 2002

SigJenny v0.9.1  12 August 2002

SigJenny v0.8.0  6 July 2002

SigJenny v0.7.3  26 June 2002

SigJenny v0.6.1  31 May 2002

SigJenny v0.5.11  14 May 2002

SigJenny v0.5.8   7 May 2002

SigJenny v0.5.4  6 May 2002

SigJenny v0.4.11  25 March 2002

SigJenny v0.3.4  12 March 2002

SigJenny v0.2.4  5 March 2002

SigJenny v0.1.9  8 February 2002 - First release.