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  SigJenny  Updated 16 April 2004

Read Me

Under Windows 9x the Creative SoundBlaster Live! Player 1024 and SoundBlaster Live! Value soundboards behave incorrectly because of a driver bug and are not supported.

Things we've changed in the next version

Igor and friendsThe pull down menu Help/Soundboard Info is now always available.
Thanks to new FoN Igor (Игорь) for identifying this inconvenience.

SigJenny's maximum Duration (s) has been increased to 10 seconds.

Things we've fixed in the next version

FIXED:  If a value greater than 5 is entered in the Duration (s) text box and then File/Save as Wav (Ctrl + A) various errors occur.
Workround: Don't enter more than 5 in the text box
Thanks to FoN Chris Koknat for identifying this.

FIXED:  When auto-firing a tone burst clicking the Sweep tab and then  the Sweep check box causes errors.
Workround: Don't
click the Sweep tab and then  the Sweep check box.
Thanks to FoN Phillip Williams at Creative Developer Support for identifying it.

FIXED:  When measuring a sweep the display can lag behind.
Workround: Double click the input Mute check box.

FIXED:  Various errors if the Fire button is clicked before a single tone burst has finished.
Dan ZumarWorkround: Don't click the Fire button until the tone burst has finished.
Thanks to old FoN Dan Zumar for identifying this one.

FIXED:  When auto-firing a tone burst and changing Cycles the display will get out of sync.
Workround: Double click either of the Mute check boxes.

Things we are fixing

Nothing we know about.